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Why do you hate Ashton? What's the real reasons ?


I heard a lot of bad things about her before I met her, but I didn’t really judge her and was nice the few times I was around her, After that I saw how she treated “friends” of hers, didn’t care for her much after that but she started subtweeting me and that led to a comment about my deceased parents. After that I tried to fight her and that led to more comments about my parents from her and her mom. That’s ultimately why I don’t like her. But she has fucked over a lot of people I have surrounded myself with and on top of that created a ton of drama in my past relationship so eventually that just added itself to the list. Not much more to it.


My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story.



This is so cute I love it

True love lasts forever <3

Till un-death do us part

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