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Every time someone asks how I’m doing all I wanna say is I miss Ta. That’s the only constant feeling I have anymore.

I’ve been going through my tumblr lately and I honestly can’t stop laughing. I see all my old posts with ex’s, good and bad, I’m hysterical. I actually thought I was losing something good with David and Ryan back then. I was naive to believe that I wouldn’t find something/someone better eventually, I was in such a rush to find love from someone because I felt like I needed it, or them I guess. The first time in my life when I wasn’t searching for love, i found it with Ta. Real love. The type that you’re absolute best friends before dating, the type to give up something or everything he needed to be with me and vice versa, the type that has struggles and isn’t easy but we didn’t care because it wasn’t worth losing each other. The type that literally couldn’t be without each other long because of how wrong it felt. I never felt such an attachment to a person before him, not even with them and that mind blows me. It’s funny to me how life works. The guy you never picture loving, the guy you never pictured loving you happens to be the guy you love the most, the guy that loved you the most. I’ll never be able to thank him for giving me what he gave me, especially now. I just hope when he’s looking down at me he’s sees and feels all the love I’m still sending his way, the love I’ll always be sending his way. RIP babe, gone but never ever forgotten. 


I be flooded wit ice, so hell fire cant scorch me..


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this gif is literal perfection i can’t

Being As An Ocean - Joel Quartuccio (by Christinaa Marsh)

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